With the New Audi, no Need to Stop at the Red Lights!

Audi has announced a new feature for its 2017 models, the Traffic Light Information. This system allows to know in real time the state of a tricolor traffic light as well as anticipating the passage to the red or the green lights of a city Which may save some fuel. in addition, to make traffic more fluid.

The Audi A4, A4 Allroad and Q7 2017 produced from the June 1st, 2016 are compatible with the new Traffic Light Information.this technology offers the possibility of predicting whether a red traffic light will soon turn to green and vice versa.

Audi is not the first to offer such a system as BMW has a similar one called EnLighten that require having an iPhone in the cockpit. Audi goes further because it is the car itself, connected to 4G, that can ''discuss" with traffic lights to know their current status and predict the remaining time before going red or green.

-Connected traffic lights:

The system is currently only available in a few US cities that have the technologies needed to operate this V2I (Vehicle to Infrastructure) system. For simplicity, some traffic lights are connected to a central server which groups their state (red or green) and indicates the remaining time before the change of state. The Audi cars then communicate using 4G with this server to recover the status of the light.

In addition, Traffic Technology Server TTS integrates a prediction algorithm to try not to make an error on the remaining time before the change of state. However, some lights of a crossroads adapt to the traffic and therefore do not have a fixed duration. Finally, Audi displays in real-time information on the dashboard, even if it is located more than 250 meters away.

-The advantages of connected lights:
with this new technology, Audi is hoping to reduce the fuel consumption (a reduction in CO2 emissions of around 15%), since the driver can avoid unnecessary phases of acceleration or sudden braking. The system tells him whether he has the time to go in green while maintaining his speed  or if he does not have to stop completely before the light passes from red to green.

Last but not least, yesterday (December 7th) Audi just announced that the system is active in Las Vegas.

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