Windows laptops in 2017 will look like a Phone!

Qualcomm announced at Microsoft's Windows Hardware Engineering Community event that its Windows 10 devices will support the Snapdragon 835 processor, which many phones will hold it next year.

Microsoft is attempting to take action beside phones, tablets and computers. By supporting Qualcomm's more power-efficient chip, future laptops could act much more like your phone, Microsoft is planning to remove fans from its devices as well as more touchscreen laptops!

Well, the choice between Intel or AMD chips still in discussion but Qualcomm's processor will be available for laptop makers to use in 2017. Terry Myserson, Microsoft's vice president said "We are excited to bring Windows 10 to the ARM ecosystem with Qualcomm Technologies" which show that the relation between the two giants seems great and well planned.

Both companies confirm that we can expect to see Windows 10 PCs running on Qualcomm's next generation of chips starting the second half of 2017, moreover Qualcomm's chip is set to make its debut on high-end phones in the same deadline, which make it the first mobile processor to use a 10-nanometer manufacturing technique.

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