When the Tesla Autopilot anticipates and prevents accidents

This is one of the main arguments put forward by car manufacturers: the automatic pilot modules should help reduce the risk of road accidents.

Tesla Motors is currently talking a lot about its driver assistance modules and its famous "Autopilot" which allows users to partially automate highway driving.

And the module in question just offered a publicity stunt through a video posted on YouTube. In the video, we see the route scrolling under the wheels of a Tesla Model X configured in Autopilot mode. The system locates a danger and means it by an audible warning and braking, for no apparent reason...

A few seconds later, we notice that the vehicle in front of the Tesla Model X attempted an avoidance maneuver, and ends up colliding with another vehicle on the same track. The Tesla Autopilot module have spotted before the driver what was invisible to him.

The Autopilot reacted even before the two leading vehicles collided, preventing the Tesla Model X from swelling the pile up. Due to its radar modules, the module detected the braking of the SUV which was in front of the red vehicle preceding the Tesla X, an SUV that was not visible to the driver. Clearly, the Autopilot is able to identify abnormal situations that are beyond the driver's eyes and can therefore apply preventive measures to anticipate complications.

We can imagine how this system can be particularly effective during heavy rains, snow storms or, more generally, fog. According to the Internet user who published the video, no serious injuries were reported in the collision.

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