What one piece of technology would most improve your working life?

A hand glove improves car workers tasks in Germany, they are now using smart gloves that save time and prevent accidents as well.

Barcode readers have been replaced by gloves that scan objects when you put your thumb and forefinger together. The data is sent wirelessly to a central computer, a great example of how technology has facilitate our life, the idea is used at BMW’s spare parts plant in Dingolfing, which employs around 17,500 people.

The hi-tech gloves allow workers to hold objects with hands while scanning them more quickly. While this may only save a few seconds each time, BMW estimates that the project will add up to 4,000 work extra minutes from each day! Other companies using the glove include rival car makers Audi and Skoda, and the engineering firm Festo.

"The access point is connected to a company's existing system via USB or a normal serial connector, meaning the glove can be deployed with no integration expense," says ProGlove CEO Thomas Kirchner. 

Well, we can say that technology is helping to make us healthier and more productive at work which will open the way to many players to invest more in the services and work fields.

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