Watching Youtube's 360° videos Using PS VR Coming Soon!

The PlayStation VR will finally be able to play 360° youtube videos. the update that will add this feature should arrive very soon.

The PlayStation VR is one of the best virtual headsets since it costs far less than its competitors. However, it works only with the Playstation ecosystem, so there are only a few uses of the headset other than gaming. Nevertheless, this is about to change with the 1.09 update of the Youtube application of the Playstation 4.

-360° videos on PS VR:

The update will bring support for virtual reality videos, that will be playable from the Sony VR headset. It remains to be seen whether the experience provided will be convincing or whether the low definition of the helmet will still be deplored.

It may be that the experience is not more convincing than with a Google Cardboard which gives us a 1080p quality. Since Google made it possible to stream in 360° on its video platform, this media become more and more popular, especially with the democratization of 360° cameras for everyone.

Finally, the update should arrive very soon in the next few days if everything goes well.

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