Trusted Contacts : Google's app to reassure loved ones

Google introduced on Monday its new application called Trusted Contacts. It allows, "In situations of daily life or in case of crisis",  providing its geographical position to relatives.

Once the application is installed, the user chooses some "trusted" people who can  request their position at any time.

The position is automatically forwarded to the requestor.
If no response is sent within five minutes, the position will be automatically forwarded to the caller. If the phone is switched off, the last position saved on the device will be transmitted by the application.

Another example is Google, "If you find yourself in a situation where you do not feel safe, you can share your position" without anybody asking for it.

It is proposed to the user to show live his journeys.
"Whether you're hiking alone or walking down the street after dark, sometimes you want to know someone is watching over you," Google said. It is thus proposed to the user to show live his journeys, especially when he returns late at night.

Some see in Trusted Contact a complement to Facebook's "Safety check" which is triggered in case of crisis or catastrophe by the social network and allows to send a reassuring message to all its close relations. In the case of Safety Check, however, no geographical indication is sent.

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