Tiny Sensors Use Perspiration to Track Health!

A tiny adhesive sensor can read what's going on in your body based on your sweat, and can delivers information about it to your smartphone wirelessly. According to the researchers, this technology can be replaced by blood tests in order to access information about human health.

Perspiration is an effective mechanism which can shed light on what is happening inside the human body. The sensor can be used to diagnose many decease, uncover drug use and reveal insight into athletic performance. the sensor is embedded a flexible silicone rubber disc, this process can show how people are responding to exercise, including whether someone needs to make adjustments, such as drinking more water!

When a smartphone is brought near the sensor, the sensor because the app installed in the smartphone to take a photo, and the app can then analyze this image to calculate biomarker levels. The sensors on the outdoor cyclists also performed as expected while trying it on the forearms and backs of 21 healthy volunteers to analyze their sweat. Well in fact the technology can open the door to a new era in medicine analysis and can enhance disease detection easily!

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