The Robots Are Coming to CES!

Soon, many robots are going to be discovered on the show floor in CES event, the tech might still be at a nascent stage, but it's expected to take off. Shipments of home robots are set to grow from around 5 millions units in 2015 to 13 millions units in 2020!

Robots that will be show in the CES for consumers typically come in one of three types. One category is service robots like pool-cleaning bots that perform specific tasks. Then there are social robots that have humanoid features play games and nag you to do everyday chore. Fully humanoid robots sit at the top of the heap and are being readied to perform care and nursing functions!

Behind any robot is an embedded AI. And we have seen some impressive leaps forward over the past year, including self-playing AI from DeepMind, Zuckerberg's smart home butler. It's going to make robots a whole lot more appealing.

There will be also lot of companies showcasing hardware and software brought together by AI. These projects will give us  dozens of  skilled future robots and that could persuade people to think about bringing one home.

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