The Official PS4 Headset Comes this January 12th

The Platinum wireless headset, the official helmet of the PS4, will be marketed from January 12th. Sony promises a better gaming experience.

With 3D audio technology, players will benefit from a 7.1 virtual surrounded sound. In addition, the microphones are equipped with a noise canceling system. which makes the conversations much better. According to Sony's specifications, this helmet would improve the level of comfort during long gaming sessions. The company also paid special attention to the design and the durability of the product.

-A much better sound quality:
The headset includes the 3D audio for an amazing audio experience with surround sound from all directions, include above and below you. Finally, this accessory is also compatible with the PlayStation VR and many other devices with 3.5 mm audio cable. And will cost you about $159.

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