The Last Gardian: A Book with an Amazing Story!

Entitled "an extraordinary story", this book will be released on February 28th. During the 256 pages, the reader will discover more detail about the game development, a process that lasted nine long years. The work will also contain the archives of Ico team and will cost $39,99.

-The Last Guardian, an exclusive interview with creators:

The book will be rich in unpublished illustrations, it will also offer fans a new insight of the story. In addition, exclusive interviews with the creators would help to better understand the behind of the scene of the development as well as the problems that led to the delay of the project. Indeed, its release on PS3 was planned in 2009. The publishers say also that this book is a guide for PS4 owners and don't have internet access, especially children.

After several years of expectations, the players believed that the project was canceled. Finally, Sony announced at the E3 2015 its next release on PlayStation 4. It seems that the Last Guardian has been difficult to manage for a PS3, the graphics and artificial intelligence reaching a high level.

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