the Disrupt London Hackathon Winner : Emotion App!

Convert your real world to the digital world , well nowdays ,machines are able to feel your emotions ,and can give you a report about your days emotions conclusions ,all what you need to do is talk to it and the results will be astonishing , this the winner project of TechCrunch London disrupt.

The winner take the audience interest by showing off a real time sentiment analysis on your most personal stories, Greinstein an app developer from San Fransisco was working on a voice journaling app that performs real-time emotional analysis to detect the user’s feelings and chart their emotional state over time. Well this the closest step for Greinstein Team to Artificial intelligence and how it can be used to deal with mental health matters!

The team explains “We wanted to get into AI as much as we could. It’s so clear that’s where the world is going. This one had the emotional factor that really grabbed me”, so the main target of the app is to build a platform where we can roleplay in anxiety reducing and improve people's mood in all the day situations!

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