Tesla’s Easter Eggs Include a Holiday Light Show and Mars Trip!

Tesla has some amazing gifts to its customers, the company has a habit to include some features in its software updates. But tesla has a game changing plan to its potential customers.

The latest update includes two doozies. The first is a holiday light show for Model X owners that takes full advantage of the electric SUV’s folding gullwing doors, along with its turn indicators, fog lights, headlights, many others gadgets are implemented in the car, and you can even enjoy the Christmas song during your drive! 

The most amazing surprise was made for Tesla's model Model S and Model X owners, the update can transform their vehicles into a Mars spacecraft; the idea comes while SpaceX is building to send colonists to the red planet. This feature, while entering vehicle’s software system code, will turn your in-car screen to a map of the surface of Mars, and as you drive, you will figure out all the red planet views and terrains of the red planet.

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