Super Mario Run is available on iOS, but beware of fake APK Android

Super Mario Run officially released on the App Store. But beware, on Android some fake APK already circulate.

The announcement of the arrival of Mario on mobile has aroused a certain enthusiasm at the occasion of the last Apple Keynote. Offered in temporary exclusivity on iOS, Nintendo had announced that Super Mario Run would eventually be released on Android.

It is today that the title will be available on iPhone and iPad, but it will have to wait until the beginning of next year to enjoy it on Android.

This situation comes as a boon to some malicious, since Super Mario Run is already offered in the form of an APK file on several online sites... Obviously, it is not really the title, but worse, the APK in question is packed with malware.

The release of highly anticipated applications is increasingly exploited by cybercriminals to exploit public excitement and let them download viruses and other malware. So should not be pressed, to avoid the risk of seeing the smartphone harassed by advertising, or its data encrypted and locked while awaiting payment...

Nintendo had explained that Super Mario Run would require an Internet connection to work, precisely for the safety of the players. But again, this choice could allow some hackers to propose a modified version of the application that does not require a permanent connection, which would then also be diverted to integrate malware... The game will be partially free: it will cost 9.99$ to go beyond the first 3 levels.

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