Super Mario Run, the first Nintendo mobile game

Nintendo had started its mobile adventure with Miitomo, a mini social network. With "Super Mario Run", Nintendo released its first game for mobile. The choice of the character of Mario appears as obvious, as the famous plumber is emblematic of the mark. In view of the first tests, the game presents strong arguments to convince the players.

As the name suggests, Super Mario Run is a runner. In this type of game, the player must survive as long as possible. For this, he must jump by pressing longer or shorter on screen.

Plumber now able to cling to the edge of the platforms after a jump and avoid the basic traps. And "Pause" allow you to breathe a few moments and see what awaits you next.

The game has a rather short life. 24 levels, 72 if you count the variants. For fierce players, the full game should be quickly finished. But several modes have been planned for them. A kingdom editor will allow them to rebuild a mushroom village giving access to daily bonuses. But, the potential of long-term gambling lies primarily in the "Toad challenges", random challenges that will compare against the best players in the rest of the world.

The first three levels of the game will be available for free on iPhone and iPad. Then you will have to pay 10 euros to access the rest of the game. A rather high price when you know that most competitors on the market cost only a few euros at most.

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