SpaceX gives news of its heavy launcher Falcon Heavy

With the explosion of Falcon 9 launcher, SpaceX's projects were turned upside down and the calendars delayed. But the group intends to re-launch the heavy launcher Falcon Heavy in 2017.

The Investigation of explosion the Falcon 9 launch vehicle on the launch pad and with its payload in last September will finally be completed, allowing the resumption of missions from January 2017, but it also led to push back the other projects of the company SpaceX.

Among them is the Falcon Heavy launcher, which is used to conduct space missions beyond the Earth's edge, perhaps for future missions to the Moon.

The group has posted on its Instagram account an image recalling that the Falcon Heavy program is ongoing and is expected to increase in testing in real conditions in mid-2017, late compared to forecasts relying on a trial in 2016.

A first test next year would allow SpaceX to position itself ahead of NASA's Space Launch System (SLS), even more powerful but do not be out until 2018 and promises to cost 10 times more expensive, raises Ars Technica.

Falcon Heavy also presents a number of difficulties: the first stage of the launcher is an assembly of three Falcon 9 launchers which will have to operate harmoniously their 27 Merlin rocket engines, which creates uncertainties about its reliability for regular launches.

SpaceX recalls that its launcher will be the most powerful in the world at the time of its launch and the availability of Falcon Heavy next year could lead the new US government, under the direction of Donald Trump, to consider new strategic axes for space exploration, especially as China no longer hides its ambition to catch up with the Western powers in the race for space.

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