SpaceX: the Elon Musk reaction at the first Falcon 9 landing

Look how the SpaceX boss reacted when the Falcon 9 rocket landed for the first time.

After experiencing several failures in his quest for a reusable launcher, SpaceX has for the first time landed the Falcon 9 booster on December 21, 2015. This was an historic achievement when a mission to orbit eleven satellites was successfully completed.

The return on dry land had been followed live, and SpaceX had repeatedly celebrated it. This week, National Geographic has posted a video montage that offers a different perspective about the successful mission by showing Elon Musk's live reaction:

With his SpaceX boss cap, Elon Musk has been less to the party in recent months. SpaceX launches stopped on September 1, 2016 following the explosion of a Falcon 9 rocket on its launch pad during preparation for an engine ignition test.

The resumption of missions for SpaceX will be from early 2017. Below is the SpaceX video for the celebration of the landing of the Falcon 9 launcher in December 2015:

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