Make Phone Calls with Your Fingertip, literally.

It looks like a false advertising of the years 2000 but, Sgnl is a very serious and realistic project.

Soon, it will be no longer necessary to take the smartphone out of its pocket to answer calls, or use sometimes uncomfortable headsets. Launched on Kickstarter, Sgnl is an ambitious and original project.

This is a bracelet that connects via Bluetooth to a smartphone. So far, nothing very special ... But the bracelet also uses bone conduction to transform the user's hand into a speaker. in Fact, it is enough to speak in the wrist (The bracelet is equipped with a microphone) and stick the other close to the ear to make a phone conversation.

The sound propagates through vibration through the user's bones, who then hears his interlocutor as if he were speaking directly into his head. A somewhat disturbing situation at the beginning, but it can quickly get accustomed. Moreover, this system allows to enjoy a comfortable sound volume without ever isolating the user from the outside world, which can have advantages as well as disadvantages.

The project sought to raise $50,000 on the Kickstarter Participatory Funding Platform and harvested close to 1.5 million. The Sgnl bracelet is priced at $99, which makes it relatively expensive for an accessory of this type... The first deliveries are expected in February 2017.

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