Samsung Focus Turns Your Phone into a Productivity Powerhouse

Samsung Focus is an application all-in-one productivity, useful for business users who are focused on their work plan, provides quick access to specific functions, such as calendar, notes, contacts and email, all through an effective User Interface tab that allows you to have everything under control.

Each board can exchange information to make the creation of simple events. For example, users can quickly create an event in the calendar according to the e-mail content, or find related items through a simple tap.

These communication tools are woven together via a unified search function that allows users to easily find exactly what they need. From the main screen of the Samsung Focus Hub, users can view a summary of the main notifications, via a system that can also be customized according to your preferences.

The intrinsic characteristics of the application work in tandem to improve productivity in the workplace, from the management down to the e-mail conference.

The application will provide alerts for reminders and suggestions to the actions at the right time.

Samsung Focus’ streamlined interface also features a notification bar and a floating action button which gives the user more control over their workspace. Since the application synchronizes data with the PC, users can interact on various levels, always guaranteeing control over their actions, always everywhere.

Through a simple keyword, you can proceed to the display of e-mail notifications or programs that contain the search term, such as "business trip" or "conference". In this way, the information will not be lost and will always be at hand.

An alert notifies users of emails from preset priority senders to flag importance.

With Samsung Focus, the creation of the conference call mode process has been simplified. Users can now make a meeting request by e-mail directly through the application, and can also directly order the composition of a message.

Through the planned application functions, we can automatically sort your email and schedules for events, so that you get a historical chronological for messages and appointments.

The Samsung Focus is available for download on Google Play and is supported on mobile devices running Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow or later.

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