Pokemon GO: December 7th 2016 Update!

Today Niantic has launched a new update for Pokemon GO. Actually a lot of players are not happy about this update, However, the major update is normally planned for the next Monday 12th, where they can probably add Gen 2 Pokemon, Pokemon trading, PvP...

Pokemon Go has been updated to 0.49.1 for Android and 1.19.1 for iOS. Actually, this update is about interface changes. Now you can transfer multiple Pokemon at once to the professor by pressing and holding on a Pokemon. Also, the Pokemon type icons have been added to the Gym battle screen/Approach.

In addition, you will be able to see the total kilometers a buddy has walked. Finally, the total candy count for your buddy Pokemon has been added to the buddy information screen.

Even so, I'm sure the players do not care much about these ''interfaces changes''. So will Niantic give their players what they want in the next Monday's update? or they won't and lose a lot of their player base...

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