Planet with clouds of rubies and sapphires

A gaseous exoplanet would have clouds of rubies and sapphires. It is not next door and very hot on the daytime side.

For the first time discovered in 2008, HAT-P-7b is a planet 16 times bigger and 500 times more massive than Earth. It orbits around a star two times bigger and 50% more massive than our sun.

Located over 1040 light years from our solar system in the constellation Cygnus, more than 9.83 million billion kilometers, this exoplanet is known as "ruby and sapphires wind" according to the University of Warwick.

A study by researchers from this university, as well as other British universities, was published online this week by the journal Nature Astronomy. According to this study, clouds on HAT-P-7b could be formed from corundum. A mineral that certain varieties of stones are precious stones, such as ruby and sapphire.

An equatorial jet is manifested by strong winds pushing clouds loaded with corundum across the planet. These clouds would form on the night side of the planet and would evaporate quickly on the face continually exposed to light where the average temperature is 2860 °K, or about 2590 °C.

HAT-P-7b is an exoplanet called hot Jupiter-type. A gaseous giant that is 40% bigger than Jupiter and more massive. On Jupiter, even on Saturn, it is assumed rains of diamonds.

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