Over 1 billion accounts have been hacked from Yahoo!

Yahoo just unveiled this week that more than 500 accounts have been hacked, the fact recalls the worst hack in history in 2013 when Yahoo get hacked as a result more than 1 billion accounts have been accessed!

Yahoo said that many information related to the hacked accounts have been achieved such as email, birth date, address and phone's number but yahoo's experts confirm that most of users data is encrypted, the hack of the information made the company’s users less worried about their information abuse!

 The breach seems more dangerous than ever before due to the sensitive information stolen by hackers , the breach  occurred when a third party accessed users cookies which make it easy to retrieve data from it ,Yahoo's team promised to harden its security system in order to avoid such a dangerous breach but Hackers could be able to decode information from the stolen data due to the weakly encrypted or plaintext security questions in particular could be problematic, because the answers to those questions don't change from site to another!

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