OnePlus 2: Oxygen OS 3.5.5 will Bring Power Saving Mode, Gaming Mode and VoLTE

The OnePlus 2 will receive an update, even after being released 18 months ago. It Looks like the company still doesn't forget about its flagship killer of 2015.

The OnePlus Christmas gift seems to be destinated to the users of its flagship killer of last year. Indeed, the OnePlus 2 will benefit from an update to Oxygen OS 3.5.5, which bring it closer its brothers the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T, in the software side of course.

-Support of VoLTE:

If the latest smartphones from OnePlus are updated to Android 7.0 Nougat, the brand doesn't forget its older customers. Therefore, it has just begun to deploy a new update that brings several new features and changes to the OnePlus 2.  in these new features we find the support of VoLTE technology, which allows a better sound quality of the call. However, this technology is only available to the smartphones bought directly from the operators.

This is not all since the update will bring other new features such as:

 . A power saving mode (can be activated at Settings> Battery> more options)
 . A "Gaming" mode (can be activated at Settings> developer options)
 . An update to the Oxygen OS interface
 . An improvement in the overall stability of the system
 . The latest security update from Android, from 1/12/2016

-An update still in development:

This update of OnePlus 2 is still in development. So you can either be patient and wait for the official launch of the update or go to the forums of XDA to find the update. 

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