Now An Airplane Can Fly By Itself In British Skies!

A robot aircraft is being tested in United Kingdom Sky in order to enhance the autonomous systems in aviation field, BAE said it would be carrying out many flights, using a Jetstream 31 capable of being able to fly by itself!

The plane system is designed to navigate 300 miles (482km) from Lancashire to Inverness. So the craft will be autonomous, but the pilots will handle landing and take off phases! To pilot itself, the plane will use data from satellites as on-board identification systems that log radio signals sent by transponders on other planes. The aircraft has a camera which surveys the skies around the craft to detect bad weather, allowing the aircraft to adjust its route to avoid turbulence.

Maureen McCue, head of BAE's , said about the project is exciting and it was working with the UK's National Air Traffic Services to refine the autonomous aircraft and the idea sharing the skies with humain pilots.He added "We are working towards the possibility of flying our own unmanned systems in a highly controlled environment in the UK," she said.

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