nokia make a big comeback to smartphone in 2017

Nokia is preparing to make its big comeback in the world of smartphones. An agreement was signed with the company HMD.

Nokia is about to make its big comeback in the world of smartphones, after a few years of edge of the abyss. 

This is good news. We simply hope that these new devices will not betray the reputation of the brand. To succeed in this bet, Nokia is partnering with HMD, which will work with Foxconn (the world's largest computer hardware manufacturer). 

The contract signed between Nokia and HMD takes the form of a brand license for a period of 10 years. It includes smartphones, tablets and basic phones. The current CEO of Nokia, Rajeev Suri wants to reassure on this subject, indicating that this partnership would not be limited to "Put the Nokia logo on someone's phone".

So there is only a few more weeks left to wait, we will certainly know more at the CES in Las Vegas or the Mobile World Congress.

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