Nissan: the plug-in Hybrid with Mitsubishi Technology

To complete its 100% electric offer, Nissan would prepare several plug-in hybrid models that could take over Mitsubishi's PHEV technology.

Everything is accelerating at Nissan at the end of the year! While recently launching its Note e-Power in Japan, with a thermal autonomy extender able to recharge batteries without having to plug the car, the manufacturer is now moving towards the plug-in hybrid.

“Our current priority is to shift into EVs for the future, but we still need a bridge. We are now working on a plug-in hybrid solution for Europe,” said Takashi Shirakawa, head of Nissan’s research and development in Europe, to the British site Auto Express.

Mitsubishi technology contribution

While the Renault-Nissan Alliance took control last October of Mitsubishi, Nissan could use the technological advances made by its Japanese counterpart with the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV to develop more quickly its own models.

“We welcomed Mitsubishi Motors into the Nissan family, and they already have the Outlander PHEV. The next-generation product range may be shared with that, but this is just the beginning of the discussion as nothing has been decided yet,” Takashi Shirakawa added.

Nissan could also choose to develop its own technology. In September 2015 in Frankfurt, the manufacturer had presented the Gripz, a concept of electric SUV with a thermal autonomy extender.

For now, Nissan does not give any indication as to its future hybrid "plug-in" range. The manufacturer could nevertheless choose to move towards the SUV, segment on which it ranks among the leaders in Europe. We think of the Juke and the Qashqai. Unless the manufacturer chooses to move towards smaller models like the new Micra. A choice that could popularize the technology, today reserved for the upper segments...

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