Nintendo Switch: no removable battery?

The autonomy of the Nintendo Switch, still unknown, had better be good. Because it will not be possible to change the battery...

Announced a few weeks ago, the Nintendo Switch, next console of the Japanese giant, is still surrounded by many mysteries. Among them is the issue of autonomy. Indeed, the machine, hybrid, can be carried everywhere, in order to continue the game in any place.

Therefore, this portable aspect must be based on solid battery to be able to offer maximum comfort of use and avoid stressing the one who will take his Switch on the subway, train or plane. But according to a recent Federal Communications Commission (FCC) report, the battery will not be removable...


The FCC therefore had access to a prototype of the Nintendo Switch and it was not possible to change the battery. In other words, if the autonomy of the Nintendo Switch proves to be derisory, then we can not boost it. A choice of design that would seem strange compared to the Wii U, which could be improved on this point, in a few strokes of screwdriver and with the purchase of better capacity battery (marketed by Nintendo).

As we have no idea of the exact autonomy of the Switch (some insiders would evoke 3h with the possibility of going a little further depending on the parameters), it is difficult to really comment on this information, especially since the FCC has received a prototype, which is expected to change by March 2017.

In any case, this would enhance more the salon character of the console, with a very optional portable feature. In theory, we should know more about this on January 13, the date of the future presentation of the Switch


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