Microsoft: the Surface products reached record sales in November

Microsoft is pleased with the results of sales of Surface products in November, the best month of all time, and says that the disappointed of the new MacBook Pro switch more than ever to Surface devices.

The Microsoft group shows its satisfaction after a month of November which proved suitable for the various devices of the Surface range. Sales reached record highs in November 2016, when the group presented the All in One Surface Studio computer and its Microsoft Dial accessory in October.

The group also observes the interest shown by the public for the computer, with over 10 million views for the launch video, while sales have started, allowing creatives and professionals to have a powerful and convenient tool. 

Microsoft also sends a spike to Apple and its MacBook Pro with Touch Bar by claiming that more and more people are migrating from Mac to Surface products. The Redmond giant highlights the consumers’ disappointment about the new MacBook Pro that would lead users, including professionals, to turn to the Surface devices.

Meanwhile, the demand for collaborative table Surface Hub exceeds expectations. With more than 2000 customers in nine months of marketing and contracts with an average of 50 units, and up to 1500 units for larger orders, the product seduces and Microsoft indicates that it has increased its production rate.

A Try-and-Buy program, which allows to test the Surface Hub for 30 days before buying it, is expected to reach more businesses in the US, Europe and Asia.

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