LG G5: The Easiest Phone to Repair in 2016

the ease of repair can be an important criterion in choosing a smartphone for some people. And the iFixit website has just given a list of smartphones released in this year, ranked in ascending order of repair difficulty.

The end of the year has come, iFixit take advantage to classify smartphones of 2016 in order of ease of repair. This list included some big companies like Apple, LG, and Samsung.

If LG G5 is far from being recognized as the best smartphone of the year, it claims the praise of the repair website. Indeed, the removable battery of the phone and its modular design, which means the components are not welded and can be detached from the motherboard, gives it an 8/10, the highest score obtained by a smartphone of this year.

with a score of 7/10, the Pixel and the iPhone 7 are equal, but for different reasons. Pixel has a modular design quality, but according to iFixit it's difficult to access to components without breaking the screen. Therefore, it will be not easy to do such an operation.

The iPhone 7 allows a relatively easy replacement regarding the screen and the battery. On the other hand, iFixit notes that it takes four different screwdrivers to disassemble the device, so it will be necessary to equip yourself adequately for any attempt of repair.

In the last two position, we find Samsung, with the Galaxy Note 7 and the Galaxy S7/Edge. The first one reaches only 4/10 and the second only 3/10 due to the quantities of glue and glass, two elements that significantly increase the complexity of the opening of these devices.

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