Instagram: new tools for control and security

In the coming weeks, Instagram will offer new features to users, in particular, to better control what is happening on their account.

Instagram will in the coming weeks deploy several new features. The majority of them are part of a growing desire on the part of major social networks to combat online harassment. Instagram had already started working in this direction last September with a filter system.

First, comments will provide additional functionality. By pressing the advanced settings before posting a photo a user can simply disable the possibility of leaving a comment there. This was already possible for some accounts, but all will soon be able to avail themselves of it in order to avoid the torrents of hatred which the Internet often has the secret.

Of course, once a photo is posted it is possible to reactivate the comments after the fact if necessary. Always concerning the comments, it will soon be possible to liker these with a very original (!) Heart icon. What generate a little interaction between users and spread a little love.

Then, private accounts will soon have the ability to delete subscribers. Until now the only solution to hide his account from an unwanted person was to block it.

Finally, Instagram will add another feature a little more original and less user-centric itself. Thus, a tool will allow users to notify the social network in case one of their contact seems willing to hurt themselves. Teams monitoring these reports at all times will then contact specialized organizations if necessary to offer their assistance to the person concerned.

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