Honda Teams Up With Waymo To Start a Self-driving Car Project!

Google’s autonomous car was exposed some years back when it was still part of the mysterious Google X research division. After overcoming many problems, Google self-driving car will have an extra support from the Japanese automaker Honda!

Google announced that it was looking for partners for its project concerning autonomous cars into its own company called Waymo under the umbrella of Google’s parent company, and Honda seems interested.

Rather than developing its own system from scratch, Honda chooses to cooperate with Google in order to focus in working out the finer points of integrating Waymo’s solution. In fact Google was always keep to point out how many millions of miles its cards had driven, and the only accidents were the fault of the human driver.

Honda seeks to have its self-driving cars by the end of 2020. Its engineers would work closely with Waymo in order to more tightly integrate the technology. Honda could also provide Waymo with some of its cards to be modified like the Pacifica and added to the test platform.

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