Google Nexus 6P Battery Problem!

The Nexus 6P suffers from a battery problem forcing them to turn off without any kind of warning. Google opened an investigation.

It looks like Samsung is not the only one who suffered from battery problems, It is the turn of Google and Huawei. Several users of Google Nexus 6P have been complaining about a battery problem with their phablet. fortunately, it is less serious compared to the Note 5 battery issue.

-The extinction of the smartphone:
In this case, there is no overheating or explosion, users find that their phones turn off without warning while the battery indicator was still sometimes more than 60%. The device will turn on only if you plugged it into an electrical outlet, which indicates a problem with the power supply of the smartphone.

On the battery history, we can see a spontaneous fall to 0% in an instant

-Android 7.0 Nougat is not the cause of the problem:  
although the nexus 6P has received a major update recently to Android 7.0, it does not appear that the new version of the system is the cause of the problem. Actually, several users have already downgraded their phones to the previous version of Android but that didn't resolve the problem.

Finally, On the bug tracking platform of Android, Google has already recognized the problem. However, it gives it a ''Small'' priority. A little disappointing for a problem of that kind of which Google has the responsibility.

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