Facetime in a group with Fam

All Apple users will tell you, the Facetime audio and video chat's application is especially great, it has many qualities but a very big flaw: it does not allow group discussion. Of course, there is always the possibility to go through other applications such as Skype, Messenger. Or even Fam, this new application allows you to create a video chat directly in a Messages conversation.

The Fam application is very simple. After you download it from the apple store and installed, Fam will be available in the messaging app catalog.

Once you open it only one option is available. Start a video conversation. When you press, a link is sent in the conversation. Click on the link to open the conversation, if your contact does not have Fam, the link will offer to download it.

The quality of the image is rather perfect, but there are still some points to improve. For example, it is not possible to exit the application during a conversation. But the Fam team is already working on solutions.

The Fam application is a free download, so it would be a shame to deprive yourself!

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