Facebook Oculus acquires eye-tracking startup The Eye Tribe!

Facebook confirms its acquisition of the eye tracking startup called The Eye Tribe, a Danish startup company that produced eye tracking technology and was selling it to developers to incorporate the eye tracking device into their applications and programs.

The Eye Tribe has developed a $99 eye tracking device developer kits for computers, which make it so much easy for developers to accomplish their project. Well, saving computational power by generating perfect graphics where you’re looking was an easy process for VR systems technology brought by the startup. It seems that's Oculus will have a huge benefit from the acquirement! 

The company’s goal is for their eye tracking technology to become a household item and a common feature on most devices, well their plans seem so much close because many examples of what the tech could do include auto-scrolling of text while reading, Car interfaces could also benefit from the technology, sheet music while playing an instrument, and the ability to pause or control a video player.

Who knows soon, you can scroll your Facebook page by just moving your eyes, or even accept a friendship request by only moving your head up and down, the future of Facebook seems very progressive! 

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