European Satellite Galileo Navigation System Takes On GPS

European satellite navigation system takes on GPS after delays, the system is called Galileo, and it is thought to have cost around €10bn after suffering a number of problems before its completion.

After several years of delays, Europe launch its navigation system which promises to take the competition with US and Russian, Galileo was launched on Thursday, the navigation system has 18 satellites in place and will initially be boosted by satellites from the American GPS system.

The European Space Agency said the project will be fully operational by 2020, and will provide positioning data of unprecedented accuracy. Taking the name of the Italian astronomer "Galileo Galilei", Elzbieta Bienkowska, EU commissioner, said "Today, Galileo, the most accurate satellite navigation system in the world, becomes a reality."

The project was first approved with an initial budget of around €3bn (£2.5bn) and was supposed to be operational by 2008. But due to many technical problems the project costs now at around €10bn.

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