Chevrolet: 400 km in electric car in less than 30,000$

Automakers compete with each other in the field of electricity in order not to fall behind the forerunners of the genre. And today Chevrolet announces the availability, in the USA, of an electric car that has more autonomy with an interesting price.

The people of Oregon and California can already get their hands on the new version of the Chevrolet Bolt EV. The brand is proud enough to announce a vehicle with an autonomy of 238 miles (about 400 km) with a single load, for an entry price of 37,495$ reported less than 30,000$ with the federal appropriations in effect.

The most advanced version of the vehicle is billed at around 45,000$ and includes a host of options ... Of course, we will never position ourselves at the level of luxury offered by Tesla vehicles, but for 15,000$ less than a Model S, there is already an electric vehicle with a solid autonomy and truly exploitable.

According to legislation and premiums granted in the various states, the Bolt EV can even return to 27,000$, which is positioned below the average price of vehicles (any type of motorization combined) sold throughout the United States.

With its vehicle, Chevrolet is in direct competition with Tesla and its Model 3. Chevrolet has several points ahead: its Bolt EV is available immediately, is more accessible and wants to be produced in bulk, so it should be more widely available as the Tesla car.

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