Centriq 2400, the world’s first 10-nanometer server processor from Qualcomm!

Qualcomm's division for data center announced the ARMv8 based on 8nm fabrication process. The 48-core Centriq 2400 SOC is planned to get out to the markets in second half of 2017. The Company has already started commercial sampling of the Qualcomm Centriq 2400 based on the new technology!

Qualcomm took a bold step by planning to enter the server market by its new 48-core Centriq 2400 SOC technology, in fact, being one of the largest designers of ARM-based SOCs for mobile devices, Qualcomm was well prepared to move beyond smart phones and tablets. However, Since it is not easy to develop a custom ARMv8 processor core for a server SOC, Qualcomm teamed up with Xilinx and Mellanox to ensure that its server SOCs are compatible with FPGA-based accelerators and data-center connectivity solutions.

Qualcomm affirms that the technologies used in server are mostly influenced by the open source philosophy, making it easier for companies like Qualcomm to make effective products. The project will certainly contribute in the creation of mega data centers, Qualcomm plans to start selling its next generation of processors in the second half of next year. Typically it takes developers of server platforms a year to test their designs before they can ship them! For markets, performance and compatibility are all critical factors in adopting a new set of protocols. 

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