BMW turns to IBM and its IA for the smart car of tomorrow

The automaker BMW has just announced the signing of a partnership with computer giant IBM. The purpose? Take advantage of the American expertise in artificial intelligence to offer smarter vehicles.

IBM and BMW have formalized the signing of a partnership on the development of artificial intelligence adapted for integration in a vehicle. It is the team in charge of the IA Watson of Big Blue who will collaborate with BMW to develop conversational interfaces systems in vehicles of the German group.

The teams will concentrate their efforts on four models of BMW i8 hybrids, it will be question to create new conversational interfaces, to propose intelligent assistance based on the automatic learning (habits of movement, type of driving, contacts...)

The aim being to allow the vehicle to better anticipate the driver needs and to propose a customized experience without user intervention or almost. The driver could actually speak with his car to launch GPS guidance, change radio stations, monitoring his multimedia environment, make various settings or obtain various information.

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