BMW: Holographic Interface for Future Cars!

BMW will unveil at CES 2017 a holographic interface for the future cars. And even without being palpable, it would give the impression of using a touch screen by the driver. 

Every year, the CES gives the opportunity for companies to introduce their interesting innovations. BMW has announced that it will unveil a holographic interface called HoloActive Touch. The company explains that this interface can be used as a virtual touch screen. Even if it "floats" next to the driver, it obeys the movements of the fingers. It seems crazy but the user will have the impression of a haptic feedback for every gesture he made on the hologram.

BMW promises that HoloActive will get closer to the sensation of a touch screen even if the interface is not displayed on any screen. Also, the manufacturer claims that the experience will be very intuitive for the user.

-How it works?

The holograph shown in Las Vegas will display customizable control keys and will be projected near the steering wheel at the center console. Engineers have relied among other things, on a technology previously presented by the manufacturer at CES 2016. Named AirTouch, it allows the driver and passengers to control a wide screen on the dashboard without needing to touch it.

Concerning the Hologram, the system works thanks to a camera capable of locating the position of the fingertips within the space of the interface. It is also possible to detect when the finger comes into contact with one of the control commands and activate the corresponding functionality, for each action. BMW explains that a "pulse is emitted", without explain how it work in details.

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