Bluetooth 5.0, The first compatible products will arrive in a few months

The promise of Bluetooth 5.0 is beautiful, with rates twice more fast and a range multiplied by four, all without increasing energy consumption, quite the contrary, since the standard is low energy. This is in any case the theoretical promise. Now we have to wait and see what the new wireless technology will give in the real world.

The good news comes at a time when Bluetooth-connected objects are multiplying, in our homes and in public places. Moreover Bluetooth 5.0 is also designed to meet the needs of beaconing, which makes it possible to locate users in public spaces or stores in order to provide them with precise contextual information.

Well in order to adapt to domestic and external environments where wireless networks are multiplying (Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, etc.), the new Bluetooth standard is able to adapt its signal In order to avoid interference with other networks. A good way to prove that Bluetooth is the right technology in the Internet era.

However, the Bluetooth 5 does not integrate the function related to the mesh networking. In which each Bluetooth device acts as a hub, a point of contact for remote devices to communicate with each other while passing through it.

Bluetooth should more than ever emerge as a new standard in the world of connected objects. It remains to be seen how the manufacturers will integrate this technology with their products...

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