Asus Zenbo: the domestic entertainment robot arrives on the market

At the Computex in Taipei on June 2016, the Asus group unveiled Zenbo, a home robot that can interact with connected objects in the home, display content or entertain children. With a pinch of voice commands and face recognition, it prefigures usage scenarios where the robot becomes the soul of the house and can handle a number of tasks.

The Zenbo robot will finally become reality as its marketing is scheduled for January 1, 2017, in Taiwan.

And price rate will be 600$ for the model with 32G memory, and 740$ for the model with 128G memory. 

The Zenbo robot has communication functions that will allow access to various services: food ordering, taxi, pharmacy, bank or simply music streaming. Equipped with anti-collision and obstacle avoidance functions, it incorporates a sensor and cameras evaluating the depth of field to navigate, as well as an emergency service to make a video calls to the Police when needed.

The success of the launch on the Taiwanese market will undoubtedly be the first step for international launching.

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