Amazon's Echo Dot smart speaker: Top Selling Product This Year!

The holiday shopping rush is nearing an end, it appears to have been a lucrative time for Amazon. More specifically, the e-commerce giant says four of its own devices were the best-selling products on its site over that time.

Amazon's Echo Dot smart speaker was the best selling product for the "2016 holiday". Well, The Fire tablet and Fire TV Stick were two of the three top sellers last holiday too, the fact that Amazon-made devices were the most popular products on Amazon's site isn't much of a shock.

The larger Echo costs $179.99, so its popularity would appear to be more encouraging. A report from the research firm Consumer Intelligence Research Partners last month estimated that Amazon had 5.1 millions Echo devices, actually all the Echo devices come with Alexa voice assistant, so it looks as though more than a few families will welcome artificial intelligence into their homes going into 2017! 

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