AirPods: disassembly by iFixit leads to unusual notes

IFixit tried to dismantle AirPods wireless headphones and attributed an unexpected repairability score.

The AirPods wireless earphones have been available recently and iFixit has attempted to dissect them to assess their repairability potential. Very Compact gadgets with an Apple W1 chip for the first time, they offer a set of sensors and Bluetooth wireless connectivity, as well as a battery providing 5 hours of autonomy.

Attempted by iFixit, the opening of the headphones is not really a part of fun and the internal components are maintained by quantities of glue. The battery is no longer accessible and therefore can not be changed.

IFixit also had to cut the AirPods shell to access the smallest corners, damaging irreparably the gadget. The same applies to the recharge case, whose opening required a Dremel-type tool.

In the end, iFixit attributed to the AirPods wireless headphones a repairability score of 0/10.... It will impossible to repair them if an internal component fails.

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