YouTube adds HDR support for video

The high-dynamic-range imaging is now supported for videos on the YouTube platform.

This is the realization of an announcement early this year. The HDR compatibility for the platform of YouTube videos online takes effect. The High Dynamic Range promises deeper blacks and brighter whites and more globally videos with a wide range of colors, a detailed image regardless of the brightness.

The HDR is based on the encoding of "brightness and color information on a larger number of quantization levels (bits) to offer more dynamic," says the consumer association ‘UFC-Que Choisir’ who had regretted the lack of HDR content.
Netflix began delivering content in HDR with resolution 4K Ultra HD. As with YouTube that will participate in a first form of democratization, it needs to have the compatible receiving equipment.

"From today, you can watch YouTube videos in HDR on compatible devices such as HDR TVs with the new Ultra Chromecast, and soon all SUHD and UHD Samsung TV," wrote YouTube reminiscent of other partners to come.
 Simulation SDR vs. HDR
YouTube has worked with some designers to offer HDR content. Even without compatible hardware, it remains of course searchable. Help is available for those who want to upload content HDR.

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