Uber's New App Look So Much Difficult For Non Chinese Users!

After the acquirement of Uber's Chinese app by Didi Chuxing, The Company rolled out an update which separate the Uber China app from the Uber global one .the fact made the app very hard to use for foreigner!

The new looks clearly very much different from the previous one, there are so much options in it, besides so many complexity points which can reduce the quality of the user experience, but the worst comes when the users must create a new account for Uber just to be able to use it in China and that require both a Chinese mobile phone number and a valid Chinese payment method which make it very limited to many users!

Didi said “We apologize to our users for any inconvenience may be caused by this transition. The Uber China team has been working hard to make the new version faster-responding and more user friendly,” the statement comes after the Uber app confirms that the company is working to add many languages to the app and many international features which makes the user more familiar with Uber China App! 

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