Trump, China Threatens to Block Imports of iPhone

If US President-elect Donald Trump wants to embark on a trade war with China, it will retaliate by blocking iPhone sales.

During his presidential campaign in the United States, the Republican candidate Donald Trump pointed the finger at China's trade competition. Accusing it of being a currency manipulator, he threatened to set up a 45% tax on Chinese imports. China has not forgotten.

Now that Donald Trump becomes the US president-elect, the Global Times warns that if he implements his protectionist measures and wants to embark on a trade war, there will be a riposte that will take the form of a boycott of the iPhone And American cars. In addition, Boeing orders would be replaced by Airbus.

The Global Times also mentions other reprisals. Specialized in international news, this newspaper is close to the ruling power. To say, it is as if the threat came from the Chinese authorities themselves.

Undoubtedly Donald Trump's election promises will still hold when he takes office next year, and especially when it comes to dealing with the reality of international diplomacy. China is an extremely important market for the American flagship Apple, just behind the United States .

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