NASA offers 30,000$ to solve the problem of "poop in space"

This is not the first time that NASA has appealed to the public to help them find solutions or make choices, but this time, the situation is rather amusing: The US Space Agency is currently looking for ideas to manage the pee breaks during spacewalks.

Not easy for the astronauts to leave the ISS to carry out maintenance operations when it comes to juggling weightlessness, a cumbersome combination, and very long intervention times. Even without addressing the issue of spacewalks, when transporting men to the station, they spend up to 48 hours (and sometimes more) in their space suits without being able to remove it.

The question then arises of the evacuation of stool and urine... If once aboard the ISS, the problem has already been answered, NASA would like to propose a solution suited to space suit. Everyone can then submit their ideas to the agency until the end of next month to try to pocket 30,000$ and the satisfaction of seeing his idea adapted in the astronaut space suit of tomorrow.

Currently, the only solution proposed by NASA to astronauts consists in wearing diapers. A default solution that is uncomfortable and can cause hygiene problems when it exceeds 24 hours. NASA wishes a solution that can operate for over 144 hours, or 6 days. It is precisely the time during which the astronaut space suit are able to keep them alive.

NASA indicated that the proposed solutions must be able to collect 1 liter of urine per day, 75 grams of fecal matter and 80 ml of menstrual loss over a period of 6 days.

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