The Restyled Golf 7 2017 New Technology!

Volkswagen has revealed a restyled model of its Golf 7, The German automobile manufacturer intends to attract new buyers by focusing on technology.

The dashboard becomes fully digital, and display speed, rotation per minute (rpm), time, GPS, mechanical data and other additional information .Along with a 9.2 inch touchscreen. Several features are proposed, including the search for a nearby petrol stations with their prices and a detection system that recognizes the gestures so the driver will not be obligated to touch the screen.

''Golf represents the essence of the brand better than any other model'' said Reuters Herbert Diess, owner of the Volkswagen brand. ''That's why continuously invest in the technology and improvements of this core product.''

In addition to the high-tech aspect, the new Golf design evolves a bit compared to the older version. The bumper and the optics has been changed. Also it will comes with a LED headlights and full LED taillights.

This Golf should be marketed in 2017, with no specific release date yet.

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