The PS4 Slim packs are available with full games

Gamers were waiting, many pack including the PS4 Slim and various video games are advertised and some already available.

Sony sees Christmas arrive at big step and this shows because the bundles comprising the PS4 Slim is already available.
Remember that the PS4 Slim base is announced at 331.745 USD (299 EUR), but already available to 288.476 USD (260 EUR) for the 1TB version, but it is clear that the packs are the best side business to do.
-Three packs available and 3 coming
-First pack:
The first pack is offered at 440.051 USD (396.60 EUR) and is composed of a PS4 Slim 1TB and 5 Games: The Last of Us remastered version, God of war 3  remastered version and Uncharted Nathan Drake Collection is composed of the 3 first episodes of the wise Uncharted.
-Second pack:
The second package, also already available, is composed of a PS4 Slim 1TB and three games: Uncharted 4 (last episode), automotive simulation Driveclub and finally Ratchet & Clank which is a video game platforms. Its price is 409.397 USD (369 EUR).

-Third pack:
The last available pack is composed of a PS4 Slim 1TB and two famous FPS games, namely Call of Duty: Warfare Infinite (as a download code) and Modern Warfare Remastered version (code download as well), the proposed all at a rate of 410.384 USD (369.90 EUR).

Note finally three other packages that will be available in the coming days:
-November 15: Pack Console PS4 Slim 1TB + Watch Dogs 2 + Watch Dog (download code) at 387.196 USD (349 EUR).
-November 29: Pack Console PS4 Slim 1TB + Final Fantasy XV 388.194 USD (349.90 EUR).
-December 7: Pack Console PS4 Slim 1TB + The Last Guardian 388.295 USD (349.99 EUR).

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