The new IOS 10.1.1 reduces the battery life of some iPhone

A problem of battery life with the iPhone? Users point the finger at the iOS 10.1.1 update.

The grumbling begins to grow on Apple forums and on social networks where iPhone users are complaining about the iOS 10.1.1 update. This would drastically reduce the battery life.

Among the symptoms mentioned, a charge level of 30% drops sharply to 1%, until switch off the device. The situation described is, however, very strange to the extent that when the battery of the iPhone is recharged, the level of 30% is immediately found for some.

At the sight of the complaints, there is no clear pattern regarding the possible malfunctioning that does not affect all the users. Bug reports are getting rarer with the iPhone 7, while the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 5 are cited for worries.

Similarly, it is not clear whether the problem only affects iOS 10.1.1 or iOS 10.1. That will not help Apple's investigations. A priori, those who have encountered a problem with the battery have not been able to fix it with the iOS 10.2 beta.

Remember that Apple has launched a battery replacement program for iPhone 6s manufactured between September and October 2015 that turn off unexpectedly.

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