The James Webb Space Telescope is ready

It will be launched in 2018 and will replace the older, but still high-performance Hubble: The James Webb Space Telescope is finally completed.

The JWST (James Webb Space Telescope) will soon replace Hubble, which, after more than 25 years of operation, will find a second life by being used for projects of second scale.

In its place, the JWST promises unprecedented observations, its power of observation being announced as 100 times higher than Hubble. It will be a new tool at the service of science, whose mission will be to observe deep space and attempt to trace the origins of the universe.

After several years of development, the space telescope is finally fully assembled. In total, there are 18 hexagonal segments that constitute its main mirror (6,5m diameter), for a total surface of 25m ². The JWST will be launched in 2018 by the Ariane 5 launcher to go to a stable orbit point at Lagrange point L2.

NASA has proceed many checks to avoid any anomalies in the design and polishing of mirrors. It was unacceptable to reiterate the errors of Hubble and its spherical aberration discovered after its launch.

The telescope will still undergo many tests and checks before its launch. And for cause: once launched, it will be impossible to repair it as was the case with Hubble. Because if Hubble was located in an orbit located 565 km from Earth, the JWST will be located more than 1.5 million kilometers.

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